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Cyclist, pedestrians killed on San Francisco's streets

Few in San Diego would likely classify walking as being a potentially dangerous mode of transportation. However, depending on the area that one is walking in, the potential for death or serious injury may be ever-present once he or she leaves the curb. It is of course incumbent upon pedestrians to see to their own safety, being mindful of traffic and only entering the roadway at crosswalks or other designated areas. At the same time, motorists should be aware of when they may be traveling through an area that experiences a high volume of foot traffic, and adjust their method of driving accordingly.

How many pedestrians die in accidents per year?

While many people are familiar with the dangers that drivers, truckers and motorcyclists face when they are involved in a traffic accident, the outcomes can be even more perilous for pedestrians and bikers. In San Diego, and cities across the entire state of California, a devastating number of pedestrians have passed away after being struck by vehicles. If you or your family member regularly jog or walk on the road for any reason, it may be helpful to know just how common fatal pedestrian accidents are.

San Diego drivers get an unusual pedestrian safety reminder

It is important for drivers to remember how vulnerable pedestrians are out on the roads and to properly factor this in when driving in areas where pedestrians are around. Recently, electronic signs out on roads here in the San Diego area showed a somewhat out-of-the ordinary message aimed at reminding drivers of this.

As the seasons turn, pedestrian accident rates increase

The temperate climate in much of California means that our roadways are frequented by vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic year-round. This is particularly true in the San Diego area, where our temps average in the 50s and 60s even in the "dead of winter." That being said, there is something about the spring and summer seasons that brings people back outdoors in record numbers.

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