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What are some other causes of large truck wrecks?

From truck driver fatigue to icy roads, large truck collisions happen for a myriad of reasons. That said, it is especially important for truck drivers and trucking companies to understand some of the other causes of large truck crashes, such as defective tires and brakes that are not working properly. Sadly, many either ignore these types of problems are unaware of them in the first place, which may lead to an accident in San Diego, or somewhere else in the U.S.

What happens to the body in a car accident?

Having a loved one involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident in California is a devastating experience. It is sometimes difficult to understand how an accident could have taken a life, especially if it does not seem like that bad of a crash. However, learning a bit more about the anatomy of a crash can help you to better see how a person could suffer severe injuries in even the most minor of accidents.

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