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3 tips for a better insurance settlement offer

Insurance companies are there to make money, and although it's nice to think that they will support what you need in a crisis, some will do anything they can to limit what they pay out. As a victim of a car accident, it's important that you get enough compensation to cover your lost wages, medical bills and other expenses.

Carrying the minimum insurance on your car puts you at risk

Paying for car insurance is one of those unpleasant facts of life, like seasonal allergies and aging. If you want to legally operate a motor vehicle in the state of California, you have to carry insurance on your vehicle. The state of California calls vehicle insurance financial responsibility, and everyone who drives a vehicle must provide evidence of it when stopped by law enforcement or after any kind of motor vehicle accident. You may think you're beating the system when you purchase the minimum required insurance under the law, but that practice could leave you in trouble after a serious accident.

What should I do if I’m in a car accident?

If you are involved in a car accident in San Diego, you will most likely have a lot on your mind. Accordingly, knowing what to do in the aftermath of an accident is crucial. Even relatively minor accidents call for certain steps, which can help you pursue justice in the event your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence.

What are nighttime driving hazards?

California is known for its vibrant nightlife. When the sun sets over the ocean, cars, trucks and motorcycles continue to fill the streets. Headlights and streetlights guide the way as vehicles travel to their nighttime destination. The dangers of driving at night, however, may be significantly worse than those that occur during the day. According to the National Safety Council, people are three times more likely to die in a car accident when driving at night than they are during the day.

Avoid These Mistakes When Dealing With An Insurance Company

If you have been in a car accident serious enough to cause damage or injury, then inevitably an insurance company will be involved. The insurance company personnel may be friendly and you want to be helpful, right? That is understandable. However, remember that the insurance company is not on your side. 

Distracted driving blamed for higher traffic deaths in 2016

Distractions behind the wheel have always been problematic (eating and drinking, reading a map/GPS). But the technologically advanced ones (texting, emailing, updating social media and video chatting) are now causing the most accidents. This epidemic of distracted driving on the 5, the 405 and the 101 is responsible for too many injury-causing and deadly car crashes.

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