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What happens to the body in a car accident?

Having a loved one involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident in California is a devastating experience. It is sometimes difficult to understand how an accident could have taken a life, especially if it does not seem like that bad of a crash. However, learning a bit more about the anatomy of a crash can help you to better see how a person could suffer severe injuries in even the most minor of accidents.

The EMT Spot explains that every crash involves three different impacts. These occur inside the body, inside the car and outside the car. The impact in your body happens as your organs crash against your other body structures, like your bones. This is where the main trauma happens to your body. However, the impact inside the car can also cause injuries. This is where your body hits things in the car, like the seat belt or air bags. Trauma to your skin usually happens at this time. The last impact is your vehicle hitting something, such as another car or a pole. The damage here is to your vehicle.

In addition, inside the car, there are other potential hazards that could impact the body besides fixtures in the vehicle. For example, if you have loose items, they could fly about hitting you and causing injuries, such as those to the head. If you were not wearing a seat belt, then you could also fly through the windshield, which would lead to further harm. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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