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Tips for driving safely around semi-trucks

Many commercial vehicle accidents in California are caused by other drivers. Because of this, it is important for drivers to understand how they should react to and drive around semi-trucks and other large vehicles, such as buses. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration notes that larger vehicles have limitations that cars and passenger trucks do not have. These include limits on turning radiuses, requiring more time to stop and large blind spots.

Drivers should be aware of the typical blind spots for larger vehicles. Semi-trucks have blind spots on all fours sides and they are much larger than those for a car. A general rule of thumb is when a driver cannot see the semi’s side mirror, it means the driver of that truck cannot see him or her. Because of these blind spots, passing should be done with care.

In addition, it is important for drivers to remember that a turning semi will often swing out a bit and need more room to complete the turn. Drivers need to give trucks this room, along with not coming up alongside a truck that is turning to avoid being hit.

P & S Transportation offers helpful advice for safe driving by suggesting more patience is needed when driving around large vehicles. Many semis have regulated speeds, which means they cannot go faster than a set limit. If a driver comes up to a semi going slower than he or she wishes to drive, it is suggested to simply pass it rather than riding too close to its bumper or becoming aggressive. 

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