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Carrying the minimum insurance on your car puts you at risk

Paying for car insurance is one of those unpleasant facts of life, like seasonal allergies and aging. If you want to legally operate a motor vehicle in the state of California, you have to carry insurance on your vehicle. The state of California calls vehicle insurance financial responsibility, and everyone who drives a vehicle must provide evidence of it when stopped by law enforcement or after any kind of motor vehicle accident. You may think you're beating the system when you purchase the minimum required insurance under the law, but that practice could leave you in trouble after a serious accident.

The minimum insurance coverage in California won't cover very much. That means that if you cause an accident with a lot of property damage or serious bodily injury to another person, you could face a civil lawsuit. Even worse, if you didn't cause the accident but suffer serious bodily injuries, the insurance you have on your vehicle may not be enough to provide for your medical needs and lost wages after the accident. It may be a smart move to sit down with an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your insurance coverage and ensure that you have adequate protection, given the risks of driving.

Minimum insurance won't cover very much

If you buy a policy that only offers the absolute lowest coverage under California state law, there's likely going to be a massive gap between actual expenses and what your insurance covers. For example, in the case of a serious injury or death of one person resulting from an accident, your insurance will only cover $15,000 of it. If more than one person suffers injuries, that amount goes up to $30,000. A few days in the hospital and a reparative surgery for trauma could use up all of that amount. You're also only covered for $5,000 in property damage, which won't cover all vehicle losses.

You will pay more for policies that offer more coverage, but these policies do a better job of protecting you from lawsuits and ensuring your medical bills are covered after an accident. Even if the other driver was responsible for the crash, you could still incur substantial medical expenses if that person is uninsured or only carries minimum insurance. Having a more robust policy protects you. So does having a relationship with an experienced California personal injury attorney who can help you if you ever experience a serious car accident.

Attorneys can help after accidents

A personal injury attorney can do a lot more than just review your policy for coverage gaps. Your attorney can also advocate on your behalf after a motor vehicle accident. From negotiations with insurance providers to filing a civil suit to recover your losses, an attorney can do a lot to help you after a serious accident.

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