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New tool for fighting drugged driving shows up in San Diego

The recent legalization of marijuana here in California raises a variety of issues. This includes potential traffic safety issues. Some worry that drugged driving might go up in the state in the wake of the legalization.

Police in San Diego recently got a new tool aimed at helping with enforcement against drugged driving. The tool is called the Dräger DrugTest 5000. It is a machine aimed at testing for the presence of drugs in drivers through mouth swabs. The device reportedly can test for seven different drugs, one of which is marijuana. As a note, it just tests for the presence of drugs in a driver, not how intoxicated with drugs a driver is.

San Diego drivers get an unusual pedestrian safety reminder

It is important for drivers to remember how vulnerable pedestrians are out on the roads and to properly factor this in when driving in areas where pedestrians are around. Recently, electronic signs out on roads here in the San Diego area showed a somewhat out-of-the ordinary message aimed at reminding drivers of this.

The message popped up in various commuter-heavy places in the San Diego area towards the front end of this month. The message was “Be Alert Pedestrians Don’t Have Armor.” The appearance of this message throughout the city was brought about by a safety campaign by state agencies.

As the seasons turn, pedestrian accident rates increase

The temperate climate in much of California means that our roadways are frequented by vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic year-round. This is particularly true in the San Diego area, where our temps average in the 50s and 60s even in the "dead of winter." That being said, there is something about the spring and summer seasons that brings people back outdoors in record numbers.

As the weather warms, the sidewalks, bike paths, trails and parks around our city will start seeing an increase in visitors. When that happens, inevitably and tragically, the number of accidents between people and vehicles will likewise shoot up.

Avoid These Mistakes When Dealing With An Insurance Company

If you have been in a car accident serious enough to cause damage or injury, then inevitably an insurance company will be involved. The insurance company personnel may be friendly and you want to be helpful, right? That is understandable. However, remember that the insurance company is not on your side. 

An insurance company is a business. They are in the business of limiting their exposure and minimizing the payout on claims. Some insurance companies are better at honoring their policies than others. But how do you know what is a good settlement and what is not? 

Distracted driving blamed for higher traffic deaths in 2016

Distractions behind the wheel have always been problematic (eating and drinking, reading a map/GPS). But the technologically advanced ones (texting, emailing, updating social media and video chatting) are now causing the most accidents. This epidemic of distracted driving on the 5, the 405 and the 101 is responsible for too many injury-causing and deadly car crashes.

According to data provided by the National Safety Council, the number of traffic deaths across America spiked in 2016, with more than 40,000 car accident fatalities. California alone was responsible for thousands of those deaths (3,680, a 13 percent jump from 2015).